Scientific Reporting

Reports on study findings, clinical trials, reviews, product efficacy, conference reports.

We address critical issues such as methodology, evidence, strengths and limitations. We can make comparisons and draw conclusions. Your scientists, project leads, and/ or content experts will direct and oversee the substance of the report. We will provide the best framework based on your goals, target audience and other contributing factors.

Compelling Testimony

Grant proposals, funding requests, position statements, appeals to government and legislative agencies

These documents require a distinct blend of characteristics. We merge the following key elements for best outcomes.

  1. Proven methods for assembling an argument
  2. Keeping abreast of political agendas in the healthcare system
  3. Proficiency in telling a story

Knowledge Transfer

Type of Document Purpose Source and Audience
Journal articles Provide information Professional  to Professional
Public health and safety messaging Educate on specific topics Professional to Public
Advocacy and position statements Heighten awareness Public or Professional to Professional / Government

Organizational Policy Development and/or Review

We write new policies/procedures and make any recommended changes to existing ones.

Ensuring that policies and procedures are current and relevant can be a daunting task and one that requires a level of knowledge and context regarding the mission of the Organization and the requirements and obligations mandated by professional Colleges and legislative agencies.

This entails a more technical approach calling on professional knowledge and clinical context. The process for drafting and finalizing text must be meticulous. Our strong healthcare background ensures that your staff’s time and expertise is used to best advantage.

In all our assignments we select the writing style that will realize your goals and speak directly to your audience.